Shruthis in the wild

that last batch of kits seems to have sold well! congratulations! how many is that out in the wild now olivier? will you prepare another batch in time for christmas?

The boxes have started piling up here…

10 kits left on the store.

I’m half-way through the preparation of a big batch of 200 kits. Since I’ll be traveling for most of december, I’ll open the sales a few days before I’m back, and will ship around the 28th. I’ll try to have a few kits in store at a few distributors to provide a smooth supply while I am away.

Hey, I think I can see mine from here! In that pile on the right? 3rd one down!

Oh, and while I am here… Hello to the Narrat1ve and x0xb0x tribesmen :slight_smile:


I can’t see mine (lower order number) but maybe it’s shipped already :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I was just joking about being able to see mine in there. But in hindsight, I do at least now notice the numbers on the boxes, and that they will tally with folks order numbers. So, mine must be elsewhere…
Anyway! Im chuffed about getting one at last :slight_smile:

If you had to steal one box, which one would you take?

Warning: these are dangerous beasts!

3rd column, 2nd row :smiley: