Shruthi's 4th knob (from left to right) is going crazy


I built my shruthi a couple of months ago and everything has been working wonderful I love it, but a some days ago while I was working I used the fourth knob and the entire synth completely went crazy, every time I touch the knob the entire screen starts going through all the parameters without stopping (even after I am not moving the know anymore) and the sound does the same.

Any ideas on what might be wrong or how I could fix it?

Looks like a bad solder joint… By touching the knob you break the connection and the ADC reads random values.

the first thing I tried was reflowing the pot joints and it still doing it, I realized there is something in the cv connectors to the filter board, as if I make a connection with a pin the same thing happens and everything goes crazy. So maybe something wrong with the ADC somewhere else? I reflowed all the joints though, any more ideas?


Check if the ATmega has bent pins or if there’s something wrong with the soldering of the socket.

all pins on ATmega are ok as well as the socket.

I realized the knob only goes crazy when on certain modes, on some of the other modes it behaves normally, on the sequencer for example. So maybe an firmware update?

Pichenettes, I can’t find the firmware update file, do you have a link for that?


Firmware file


If the firmware is corrupted, the synth won’t boot, it’s as simple as that. The fact that you don’t see any glitch on some pages is simply because some pages don’t require as much resolution from the 4th pot.

One thing worth trying: check with another PSU… maybe the PSU you are using does not deliver enough current.

Im having the same problem, did you fixed it? I been looking for any information about this but couldnt solve yet