Shruthi1 starts beeping

Ah sorry, the solder joints of the MIDI sockets and the rest of the MIDI circuit (around the 6N137) are covered by the display. So one can’t see them. But you can try to resolder them from the other side as far as possible.
Did you manage to reflash the firmware? Or does the update always run until all LEDs are lit and then nothing? What happend after a restart? Try again with a setting (C6) of more than 250ms.

So i resoldered the the solder joints ob the midi sockets and everything around but no change…

Most of the time when I try to flash the Firmware it runs till all LEDs are lit. But sometimes it stops after one of the LEDs… no Auto restart of the shruthi and when I wait for some time and switch it off and on again there is only one bright row in the lcd and LEDs 2,4,6,8 are lit…

I tried with alot of different delay Settings in C6.

Strange, no idea then.

Did you compile the firmware yourself or do you use a precompiled hex file? Your original problem could be resolved already, but we can’t know for sure.
Because now that you attempted a firmware update, you might indeed have a broken firmware.

i took a precompiled one directly from the firmware section of mutable instruments… also i tried 2-3 versions to be sure that the file isnt broken…

Hmm. Then my only guess would be that you have problematic solderjoints on the midi section. Which is under the LCD
What do the others here say?