Shruthi YM LCD

Hey guys I´m trying to source a nice LCD to go in my YM.
I would like a Amber/Orange/Yellow/Red Character on Black LCD (or OLED)

I found this which could be used in Red color mode.

This one ´s an OLED, yellow on black

I don´t have much experience sourcing LCDs, and are currently getting stuff at Tayda and Digikey so those are the places I would need to locate an LCD form. Tayda seems to have just the Standard green.
Digikey has more variety but not much.

Any pointers appreciated!

It’s not stocked @ digikey but this is the one I used for my YM by New Haven.


I used the same OLED display in my YM.
Very bright, superb contrast.

Mouser link-OLED display

I also used this: 16 pin header

In case I wanted to swap things out since I’ve grown tired of trying to de-solder a 16 pin connector when I screw up. Even with the header, the OLED display sits lower than your typical backlit LCD.

The other Shruthi’s in the background have the typical backlit LCD.

@Fresh Pants: I see I´m not the only OP-1+Shruthi user around here! ; )
Love the knobs ya got there.

Would you say the Plexi window is redundant with an OLED or do you still need the LCD window?

I only wish I could source at Mouser but their minimum shipping cost for me is 40USD!

That is why I try and get feedback from guys that have LCD sourcing experience at Digikey.

OP-1 = :slight_smile:

Yes, the window is redundant with the OLED. But I went with the MI partial kit, which was designed around the standard LCD.

The Digikey link you posted was the same model OLED as the one I sourced from Mouser.

The knobs were from Small Bear, they are Davies clones and have a set screw. I replaced the stock plastic shaft D-pots with some Alps 9mm from Mammoth (Small Bear also carries these) with metal round shafts to go with the knobs. I had a metal D-shaft encoder lying around, so I used that instead of the plastic shaft version as well.

Those pots look nice. It’s the linear 10k version, right?