Shruthi Yellow Magic meets Ampex

After assembling the Yellow Magic Edition (my first soldering project!) I’ve only begun to discover the magic of that little box :slight_smile: So today I put together a simple ambient/electronic track centered around only 1 preset/sequence. No other instruments used, only some UAD-2 plugins.

By the way, the hiss and hum is not the Shruthi(!), but the Ampex - I’m just hooked on that sunbaked tape sound…

Feedback’s very welcome!

Love it, but the noise on that Ampex kinda kills it :confused:
Tape is all good and fine, but with that much noise it sort of starts to annoy me a bit :frowning:

Yes just this noise is harsh at my ears

Thanks for the feedback! All right, I might have gotten carried away a bit on the hiss level… New (cleaner) version is now on Soundcoud

honestly, what hissing? am i deaf? ok i didn’t play on a real stereo, just on the computer but i couldn’t hear anything annoying

I used to record all my music to cassette. Wasn’t an aesthetic choice though, it was just all I had at the time :wink:


@nordlead very nice, incidentally. Very Boards of Canada (a good thing).


Great stuff!

Loving the new new version ! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, that’s very motivating to venture deeper into the Shruthi world!

@rosch: I replaced the original (noisy) file in order to save some space…

Liking it. Noise didn’t bother me. I listened it from Mutable SC group yesterday also… . . Now when toneburst mentioned BOC… yeah, i agree on that.