Shruthi XT v1.0 external tempo doesn't seem to work like expected

Hi there,

I don’t know if it has been covered yet, or maybe am I just missing something. Sorry in that case and I’ll be glad to know what I am doing wrong
I have an xt kit stock from the first batch
What I want to do is to play long notes and synchronize my shruthi with my daw, in order to use the internal sequencer/arpeggiator. I’m using ableton live and a midibox gm5x5 midi card, and my shruthi is obviously set with ARP and external tempo settings.
What happens is that the shruthi just plays the first note and never starts its sequence as i would expect. However, while letting the note play and letting my daw run, if I set the tempo to some random value and then back to ‘external’, the sequencer starts doing its job and synchronizes just well.
I’ve just tried this exact same setting on a v0.97 firmware and it works flawlessly. Any clue?

I think it needs to receive a Play message to start. Is that the problem?

Yes, I suppose that it’s the problem
What I don’t understand is that with exactly the same setup, and operating my machines the same way, the v0.97 firmware starts syncing, which I suppose means that ableton live sends a Play message when hitting the Play button. I have also been able to sync my LXR with basically the same setup without any head scratching.

v0.97 did not expect a Play message and was generating its own when you played the chord.

hmmm,. Does it mean that if Live sends a “play message” when I hit the play button, the sequence would play straight away, before receiving any Note message? Or does it have to wait for both a play message and a note on?

The sequencer starts on the “start” message. The arpeggiator starts counting beats on the “start” message but waits for a key to be pressed.

@MicMicMan Do you have “Sync” turned “On” in Ableton Live’s MIDI Sync Preferences for the output the Shruthi is connected to?

Yes it is. As I have said, the v0.97 syncs just well, and the v1.0 also does when I get back from any tempo value to “extern” in the arpeggiator mode. So it means that Midi clock signals are sent properly. Afaik, Live does not send midi clock messages when the midi sync preference is not on.

What surprises me is that if there’s no bug on the shruthi, it means that Ableton Live does not send a midi play message, at least not without a manipulation that I missed. I have done little research yesterday evening but I was unable to find something clear on the matter.

I checked this morning with MIDI Monitor on OS X, and Live sent out Start, Stop, Continue, and also Song Position Pointer messages.

Please note that I did not do any testing on a 1.0 Shruthi; maybe it ignores Continue messages and requires Start?

I believe that I hit the play button every time i needed, since I was up to record some stuff straight away. I’m under windows, that might be a (very surprising) reason.
I’ll conduct further testing this evening.

Does it improve things? It might be that Live sends a Continue rather than a Start message.

Do you have a way of tracing what Live sends?

Live sends a Start message only when you start playback at the beginning of the sequence. It will send a Continue otherwise.

OK I got the chance of testing a bit this evening. The arp thing works fine when I start playing the sequence from the very beginning of the song in Live in the arrangement screen. Not if i start the playback in the middle of the song. Now going to test with the boatloader provided by Olivier.

Looks like it starts when it receives Start, stops when it receives Stop, but doesn’t continue when it receives a Continue message. :slight_smile:

It works with the old bootloader. Though I’ve noticed some latency depending on the tempo and the number of times between hitting the playback button and when the note on is hit (like it’s dead tight when I’m at 120 and there is a multiple of 2 measures, and not so tight otherwise), but it might be my setup rather than anything else. I’ve got to check the drivers of this gm5 card on my music dedicated computer…
Thanks anyway!

The “old_bootloader” in the name just means that this file is compatible with the bootloader present on the first Shruthi. But it’s a very recent version.

At the moment, the “Continue” message is translated into a “Start” - to help you diagnose the problem. I’ll rework the code so that on a “Continue” the variables keeping track of time/step are not reset.

I’m not sure if in my case, keeping trace of those variables is really a good thing since I tend to stop the playing at any moment, while I always launch the playback at the beginning of a measure (is it the right term in English?). Anyway I can modify the code for my needs, I don’t know if my issue is relevant for a majority of users. At least I know where to look.