Shruthi XT troubleshooting

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I put my XT together and I think I’ve fried something.
When I first turned it on, I saw several unknown symbols pop up and mutable instruments and the version would be mixed in with it. The normal display would pop up except it would only show have of the normal stuff. e.g. filter and resonance on the right half of the screen. Hitting the jam button made the synth work. But twisting the knobs made the screen have more odd symbols.
Seeing that it looked like an issue with the soldering points on the lcd, I hit them with the soldering iron again. Now the screen worked half of the time.
I hit the solder points for the ATMega chip and all of the caps on the XT control board just to make sure.
After fiddling with it, it now only shows all lights on or no lights when I hit the power switch. The power on the male connector only shows 2.25volts when the lights come on. I’ve tested the power only on the SMR4-mkII and it is 5 volts.
I get the feeling I borked one of the chips and there is probably some other nagging issue. Should ordering new chips for the XT be my next step in troubleshooting? Or there some other good way to diagnose this?

Remove all chips. Insert them one by one and check at which point you start getting 2.25V on the +5V line.

Or it might just be that your PSU does not delivery enough juice for the XT.

I’ll check the chips. I’m using a 9V 600ma PSU. So that would be my last guess. Although, the way everything was acting it seems like it was doing a brown out.

@pichenettes Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I had a chip in backwards. It was a 4051N. Things seem to be working now. At least using the jam button and adjusting knobs do.
I don’t know a lot about programming it yet. That is the really fun part!

If you get strange behaviour like flickering values on the screen, you might replace the 4051 that was inserted backwards by a new one.

Ok. I will keep that in mind.