Shruthi-XT Trace and pad lift - Help to repair!

So my main encoder broke and when I removed it the pad came off and the trace pulled up.
Is there a way to repair this or is it unfixable?

Ok doing a bit of research about this it seems I have 2 options:

1. Tin 1 strand of wire and try to solder it to the lifted trace then solder that one strand to the encoder
2. Cut the lifted trace off and scrape the top layer of the pcb off right behind it where it is still attached to the pcb then use this:

to draw a new trace (connecting to the old) and maybe even a fake pad around the encoder touching the encoder pin.

Do any of these sound better than the other or is there something that I could do that would be easier?

What about using copper adhesive tape?

I tried to look where the pad was connected to and it seemed like the via below the display. I can’t solder to that can I?

Using copper tape or a tin pen is no real option. The easiest way is to follow the trace and solder a so called “embarassing wire”, scraping off the trace Isolation is quite tedious and should be done only if you are a pro with the correct tools.

When I follow the trace it goes to a via below the display but where does it go from there?

Connect wire from encoder to Atmega first pin.

OKk Adrian, will give it a go!

It worked! Thanks Adrian and nightworxx