Shruthi & XT stereo filter available this week

Hi , here the video .



Nice work Andre, very informative video! :slight_smile:

I’m getting “invalid video ID”…

Try this:

Ah, that works, thanks. Not sure what’s wrong with the other link as the actual video ID bit seems the same. Maybe my phone browser was screwing something up.

Sounds great Andre! What sort of topology are the filters based on? Is it a dual version of an already existing Shruthi filter? Makes me wonder iif the dual SVF could be modified for stereo when in parallel mode. I don’t mean a mod but rather a new PCB based on the dual SVF.

it’s based on the SVF

Cool. Does it retain the hp/bp/lp modes?

I thought it was based on the smr4

Hey Sir - do you have take a look to the layout and the schematics .
The PCB is so full,- i have no space to do anything more .
But there is an inofficial hack . With a switch and a little solder works you can switch the filter from LP to PB . I think i will update my website next week .
This filter based on the transcendent 2000. An early DIY Synth project i have update it for 2016 . It sounds a little like a MSR 4 but with more resonancy.
Than , the Noise and little distortion you here in the VIDEO comes from my MIXER , not from the Filter - i smoke too much and thes thrashes the mixer pots .
Actual a few 3…4 stereo -Filter boards are out . Only for special people and ready build by me.
So far , all are happy . the only thing - there are much parts on it to solder …
Not realy a beginner project - more for people that have successfull solder some Shruthi PCB’s.
Stereo gives Shruthi a new dimension - and , now you can use it also as a stereo filter BOX .
I suggest all to use the Shruthi Firmware V 1.01 or later for this filter …
As i say i have also implement a stereo analoge input .
Sorry that it takes so long , but here are so many open projects .
But now i have nearly all together . A fresh BOM , Reichelt, Farnell-Mouser , the schematics
and also a 40 pages DIY Manual in english and german .
Thanks to Miklos , he read the english manual and correct it .


And yes it is a svf

Transcendent 2000. As heard on Joy Division.

Looking forward to this filter!


@andre: I don’t understand the electronics very well, so looking at the board wouldn’t help me much. Thanks for the info though. Perhaps I will build one of these one day, but maybe after I have an oscilloscope in case I need to debug.

XT - PCB’s coming today.Available now.


wow thanks, that looks interesting

This will be worth it to use as a stereo filter box alone

Hi, it is out now.


How can we order a pcb? I don’t see that on your site.

Here is the first recording I made with the stereo Phoenix / Shruthi…a sample and animoog are being filtered on two separate tracks with no additional effects on those tracks:

Not wanting to derail, but now that the Shruthi dual filter is out, is there any chance of a DIY eurorack version of the TubeOhm Shruthi Steiner-Parker filter? That’s the only eurorack filter I still lust after.

Hi Benne- Steiner Parker .Eurorack ,.
yes i work on it , between the degenerator and some other modules i had to build . But it is a little other design - not the same like for Shruthi. To get the resonance in range , now the SP filter works with 16 diodes. Today i have made some tests ( simulation ) Now the reso is in range -Signal/Resonance is 1V /3V PP. and the resonance frequency doesn’t distort.
I think the problem in a SP design with diodes is that the feedback amplitude can be greater than 200 mv .
Than the signal comes to a point in this the diode works like a normal rectifier.> 600 mV. And this does this funny behavior with the resonance frequency.The diodes pass through and i get the maximun resonance +/-10 volt .
If i use now four diodes between the caps , than i can drive the signal higher without distortions.
But can be that the noise is also higher . This i had to test on the real
circut . Actual i have also take two opams as current source for the diode matrix. But Shruthacon (for shruthi) works with voltage controlled diodes . So the Euro-SP needs also a log converter .

This damn’t SP filter looks so easy , but keep the resonancy stable is a nightmare…
tffshtt = Justin ?? Hi .