Shruthi XT slow on first note


I have a strange phenomenon on my Shruthi XT, running firmware 1.01. On the first note, it seems that the oscillators are “slow to start”, i.e. it takes about 100ms (rough guesstimate) for them to sound. Then when played legato, the rest of the notes sound immediately. So staccato play is slow as molasses, legato play is OK except for the first note. The filter is a lot faster, i.e. high resonance/self-oscillating sounds are there immediately. This is independent of preset so it’s not an envelope issue.

I have not noticed this on any of my other Shruthis, it seems to be specific to my XT. Any idea on what might cause this?


Bump – has anyone seen something like this before?

What are you using to play the shruthi? This sounds more like a weird computer latency problem.

I’m using a Korg Wavestation, no computer involved… But as I wrote, it does not seem to be the trigger that is the problem. It works with other Shruthis, and it does trigger the gate in time because filter self-oscillation is there immediately. It seems that just the oscillators are slow to start up.

Does it do that on all patches? The oscillators run continuously, there’s nowhere in the code where they have to “start up”.

Yes, it does that on all patches… will make some recordings tomorrow to see what’s actually happening over time.

Just checking… Is it the new Mutable Instruments XT with alu front plate or the old ‘fcd programmer’ XT?

Does the note symbol appear immediately on the screen when you press a key on the wavestation? or is it delayed like the sound.

It’s the new XT. The note symbol appears immediately, as far as I can tell. But the delay is not that large, about 100ms. So it’s enough to “feel” and sound sluggish, but to judge what happens by what the LCD panel does by sight alone, the delay is probably too small to tell.

Could it be that the arpeggiator or sequencer is running because an external synth sends a MIDI clock or a magical combinations of CC? So notes are quantized on the clock?