Shruthi XT Resonance Problem (Polivoks)

Hi all! Yesterday a beautiful Shruthi XT with Polivoks filter came into my hands, when I started to test it I realized that the resonance did not work correctly, it is too light, hardly imperceptible, all the other filter parameters work fine except the resonance, I tried to do factory reset and also firmware update but everything remains the same, I also checked that the filter “pvk” was selected in the global configuration … do you know what may have happened? The seller told me that it worked correctly for him, and I believe him, he is someone I trust, something may have happened in the transport (thousands of kilometers) maybe something was internally disconnected? I don’t know anything about electronics and I live in a small town where there are no technicians specialized in this type of equipment, I appreciate any guidance, thank you very much! I leave a video for you to see how the resonance does not work properly

I just realized that I did not do the proper procedure for the firmware update, later I do it right, I pray that it helps, although I feel it is a hardware problem

Solved, the problem was the power supply, incredibly affecting only the resonance

Hey mate ! :slight_smile: Just wondering what the power supply you are using now is rated … i have a bit of a weird resonance thing happening with my 4 Pm filter Shruthi.where the resonance on the ms 20 filter and the whacky options do not seem to self resonate and seem generally quite a bit more quiet than the othyer two modes …

Hi mate, the previous owner gave it to me with a 12V power supply (!!!), the power supply had a written label that said “Shruthi XT” and … that label covered the specifications of the power supply! So I decided to look (just in case) and remove the label, for my surprise the power supply was 12V 2.00A, this guy had been using it with that power supply, I don’t know how the synthesizer didn’t die, so I put a correct power supply; 9V 2000ma, incredibly the previous power supply only affected the resonance of the filter, now the resonance works, maybe you should try another power supply, sometimes the amperage may be low or it may be of poor quality, several situations have happened to me with different synthesizers and power supplies, even if they are with the same specifications, I hope you solve it, regards!

Thanks mate, will def try that out! ! Nice patch in your video btw! :slight_smile: