Shruthi XT Problems

Hi all,

I have build up a Shruthi 1 XT PCB. I flashed the actual software 1.02 with avrstudio.

Triggered the Shruthi with my midi keyboard gives a bad tone out of it and display always shows up -> a ! (means ! The Shruthi is busy accessing memory - this can interrupt sound generation)
When I rotate i.e. a cutoff pot the display flips also back to 128 value. It always has the same sound.

someone who knows this problem ?

Thank you



You can also trigger the SHruthi XT from the jam Button. Does this work? Does it give the same problems?

Can you skip through al the menus with the buttons?

Did you put the firmware in XT mode? (switch on the shruthi with encoder pressed (until it shows shruthi XT mode))

Thank you for the fast feedback.

Yes firmware is in xt mode. I put the trigger, same tone…


Did you flash a precompiled hex file or did you compile the firmware yourself?


I uploaded the .elf shruthi1 I found in the GitHub Ressources.

I had massive problems to upload/build it with osx. I tried an Atmel-ICE programmer and arduino. Both don’t work with avrdude. OSX didn’t find the Programmer.

At least i switched to windows AVR Studio/ Atmel-ICE programmer.

Do you mean thats my problem? building?


I think the right file to program is a .hex file.
You could try the yam shruthi firmware available elsewhere on this forum and github.
Maybe I’m mistaken but I vaguely remember it’s possible to have the MCU running on its own clock in stead of the crystal. And that it gave similar problems.
Maybe you can set that with the fuses?
I used to know these things but it’s been a while.
I’m actually back to building some shruthis recently because I’m doing a mayor backlog soldering session.

Do you have a link for the yam shruthi firmware?

I set all the fuses in avr studio.

I think I should find the problem with my atmel ice programmer and build the software on osx platform and burn it with avrdude. But on OSX avrdude didn’t find my usb programmer.

I use AVRfuses on mac.

YAM is here: YAM - alternative Shruthi-1 firmware

It could also very well be that you have a build issue. That somewhere your control board isn’t soldered correctly and the reading of the pots is turning into garbage.
How is it of you switch the firmware to classic mode? (not XT)

Thank you very much !!! It works fine I’m happy :wink: Thank you so shiftr

flashed YAM 0.05 and it goes on now.

other question; is it possible to flash bootloader also? It seems to be only the firmware on the 644p now.

Is it normal that the shruthi brings a bit like noisey sound? I have my headphones on…

next step load presets to eprom…