Shruthi xt potentiometer's minimum value instable!

I’ll contact because I need your advice, I hope I will not take your time off.

I built a shruthi xt with smr4 mkii card, all is well, the reading of the values ​​on the effects card is fine, the software functions of the control board are fine and in general all the options work correctly … in short, everything.

But there is only one small/big problem …
When sept the potentiometer values ​​to the minimum (for all of these) in a range from 1 to 7/8 … the value starts to flicker oscillating between two or three values. I imagine that the microcontroller does not read the values ​​well … in short, the shruthi is not stable. Depends on what?
I use the hcf4051bey, de 74hc595n and sn74hc165n multiplexes … just to tell .
how can I make the minimum values ​​stable? … possible depending on the potentiometers?
I took what suggest.

That sounds like you’ve either fried the pots by overheating them when soldering or there’s bad solder joints. Possibly a very noisy and fluctuating PSU.

the possibility that I burned all the poteometers is quite unlikely. I have doubts about the psu … I’ll have to double check all the components but there’s a detail. … the output of the psu reads me 4.98 oscillating between 4.98 and 4.99…mai 5 volts full…what do You think?