Shruthi XT (old Frank version) just rotates pages

Finally my move is ready, and so starts to be my studio, too. But when I fired Shruthi XT for the first time for a long time, it didn’t work. It just reads “programmer” in the upper row, and fastly changing gibberish in the lower row. It responds to buttons, and when in sequencing page, it acts normally. It seems as it would cycle the menu very fast?

Additionally, 7805 get very hot, not so 7905. I see no loose wires or shortcuts.

Any suggestions?

Unplug all the leads from the programmer board and see what it does then. Then add each plug one at a time until you get the problem? (turning off the unit when removing and inserting connectors obviously).

Ok. It was a break. I though I checked everything but a fourth check did it. It was a lead going to programmer. Everything fine now:)