Shruthi XT Metal Case


I ordered enough. Just contact me if you need one.


@Adrian, I sent you a message a few days back, don’t know if you saw it?


Hi .
@Adrian, have you got any enclosures in black? Are they still available?


I upgraded my xt with some nice knurled knobs from small bear:

If anyone needs stock mutable shruthi kit style knobs, I have a full set, pm me!

edit to clarify!


@herrprof PM´d!


I have black and white cases in stock. Just DM or e-mail me.


Did you end up doing instructions, apart from the December 2015 post?


:slight_smile: no. After that hurry times started, but now I have time and will do it after I receive some parts next week.


This post is not really new, but are the cases still available?


Yes. New batch is ready. I have black and white cases in stock.


Hi Adrian,
I’d like at least one of these if they’re still available?
I’ve PM’d you. Cheers


I have black and white cases in stock.


Hi Adrian,
Just sent you a PM for a black wooden ends case.
Hope you’ve got one in stock for me.


I see no message. But I have black and white cases in stock.
Send another one :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! I just received mine. Is it possible someone post some pics of his own? Because I don’t understand how to dispose every pieces(spacers, nuts, slices…). I know I have to resolder my LEDs to place lightpipes, but for the other things… I’m a bit lost…
Thanks a lot!


From bottom with washer and screw.
With spacers you combine 28mm spacer with 5mm spacer, 3mm nut and 20mm spacer for MOBO, screw from top. For filter just 5mm spacer and nut on top.

Light pipe goes into small holes above LED’s and fasten with rubber from bottom.
Display window is for OLED only and should be glued or fastened with tape. For LCD don’t use window.

Power switch is the last thing you solder and mount after face plate is in place.


Ha thanks! I did not understand why these nuts where included. I tried many things(and also using longer spacers from the original case) but with no perfect results. Here everything is Ok.
Why not using a display for LCD screens? Not The same size but it is enough thin to place it between the case and the LCD…

Thanks again Adrian. It fits perfectly and it’s very sturdy. Really REALLY great work.


If window fits or you make it fit, then you can use it :).


Question: looking at the info and pics above, it looks like this case makes it easy enough to switch filter boards? (At least easier than the standard XT acrylic case, or the Ambika’s metal case where it’s more of a a complete case disassembly and includes removing all knobs.) I’d totally be sold if that’s the case (pun intended)


It’s basically same as Ambika. You remove face plate, take out MOBO and change filter.
No accsess from the bottom directly to filterboard.
Difference is that there are no spacers between MOBO and filter. Both fasten to bottom with spacers.