Shruthi XT Metal Case


Case arrived safe and well - absolutely gorgeous !


Cases arrived today - superb! Accessories as well! A big thank you to Adrian for going the extra mile (or at least from Estonia to the UK and being Santa Claus)


Clad you guys like the cases!
Most of you should have rubber fasteners for light pipes, some last cases had pre mounted light pipes, because Mouser order didn’t arrived on time.
@clemdu Light pipe from outside and rubber washer from inside.

Other half still waiting for cases. I’ll be back from small vacation, then start assembling them.


Case arrived today. Looks fantastic Thanks again Adrian!


Looking for knobs… Those Cliff K85 knobs look nice, but how is the feeling? It’s hard plastic, no soft touch, right? The white caps are not availabe with marker line? Any other recommendations for the XT?


Thonk sells Rogans. But only small ones in stock.


Rogan knobs at Thonk for one XT (30pcs) are more than 80 Euro including VAT/shipping. Too expensive.


So for someone with an XT but no case what are the options now? due to the way the boards are fixed to the case I can’t use it without a case.


New batch in production. Will be ready in upcoming weeks.


Thanks. Am I still down for one? :slight_smile:


Hi , XT PCB’s are there . I have order a new batch . This week i update my website .
All in blue again. I also have order now knobs for the pots - but only 100 at first .
More knops are not available. Sold out.



@tubeohm will you sell assembled control boards?


Yes but only on request. I don’t offer it direct on my website . The one you see on my website was a test build /quality control. If i make new PCB’s i do at first a complete build to see if all works like expected . You can imagine that - after a little time - i have the corners in my room full with PCB’s .
and half finished projects.( lirke all electronic developers)This i sell from time to time for a special price.


Got sorted with the control board, now I just need the case, any updates?


3 weeks ago I took the cases to painting. Today I picked them up and took them to another place, because they were still unpainted. New place promised to coat them this week.


Ah best of luck then!


Cases received from print and assembly started.






I’m interested in a white case with wooden panels. Are they still available? I’ll write you an email. They look beautiful