Shruthi XT Metal Case


Final design uses smaller button hole, so the original button will fit nicely.
If you plan to use Omron switch and rubber feet combo, then smaller feet (as mentioned ) need to be used. Hole size is 9,5mm+bit paint.

One portion of cases are ready, so some people will get a e-mail soon.


Sweet as ! :smiley:


Oh cool !


Yes please :slight_smile:


Is there an official waiting list or are you going to simply contact those who have show an interest on this thread?


I have a list. Send me your e-mail and color preference as a message.


Great news! Did anyone get an email yet?


I even got a case :slight_smile:

Thanks Adrian!


Whaaaaaa? You lucky guy!


That looks very good! Are the side pieces all metal on the non-wood version?


Mine is non wood and the sides are metal. The top and the front and back are one piece and the sides and the bottom are one piece.


Looks great! can’t wait, been looking forward to this for a while.




Gogogo !


1/3 of cases packed. Will contact you soon.




Shiftr! I on purpose did to post mine to not make anyone jeleous…

Since that ship has sailed: I got a black one with wooden sides. I love the sides, nice brown!


Yeah i doubted to post it too. But on the other hand it’s good to see that they are out there. And the design is also a bit different but very nice. Only thing i miss a bit that it doesn’t say mutable instruments anywhere but i also understand that.


nice. looking forward to finishing my XT with this case!


Ok, so there we go: