Shruthi XT Metal Case


@Adrian How are you doing? How is this going? Any news? Also about the LXR cases :wink:


would love a metal case if there are any still available. Don’t really mind which colour.


This time the production has unreal delay.
I’ll let you all know when LXR, XT and Ambika will be ready.


Sweet, thanks for your work and let’s keep in touch :slight_smile:


Interested in 2 cases…
one white, one black.
Thank you for your work!
Email sent few days ago.


Sorry to tune in so late here…is there a way for the labeling to be bigger? I realize this changes the look slightly but also greatly increases utility for idiots like me.


If you want to wait 1 year again, why not :smiley:


ha ha :wink:


hi , and i have also a few XT PCB’s… waiting for to inbuild into the cases…




There seems to movement in LXR cases department
I hope the XT cases are next :slight_smile:


I hope so too :slight_smile:


That black case looks sexy sexy awesome with sugar on top. Looking forward to get my grubby dirty hands on one!


Getting close to XT cases assembly.


Ah, at last… :slight_smile: Will make a fine christmas present to one self.




Great news!


Is it still possible to order one from you Adrian?


Nice one !


Final design uses smaller button hole, so the original button will fit nicely.
If you plan to use Omron switch and rubber feet combo, then smaller feet (as mentioned ) need to be used. Hole size is 9,5mm+bit paint.

One portion of cases are ready, so some people will get a e-mail soon.