Shruthi XT Metal Case




Oh yeah, black for me !


Lovely :slight_smile:


If possible, I would be in for one white case aswell - without the wood-endings.


Great work Adrian! looking forward to build :slight_smile:


If it’s not too late I am going to pull the trigger on a white case with wood ends. I have been on the fence for a minute but I think that this is the right decision. Also first post!


If I’m not too late, I’d like to get one of the cases in black with the wood ends. Thanks!


Any news on the cases?


Just broke my XT case. :frowning:

Any news on this?


I need to check one last thing (LCD) then I can make the order.
LCD should arrive within two days.


I’m interested as well If I’m not too late!


Just discovered the thread at time to hesitate between ordering 1 regular or 1 XT board at TubeOhm… Is it too late for the metal case?


Not too late. They are still in production and I ordered some extra.


Hi Adrian, when will you request payment info etc on these fantastic cases?


Hi Adrian, I would be interested by one XT case with wooden ends.


Hi Adrian, also interested in 1 XT white case without wooden ends. Do you also have metal case for the standard shruthi?


Hi Adrian! If possible: 1 black, no wood


Hello Adrian, i am also very interested! I’d like to get one of the cases in black with the wood ends. Thanks!


Hi, i would like to chime in for a white XT enclosure with wooden ends.


If not too late, I’m in for a panel; black or white.