Shruthi XT Metal Case


Looking forward :slight_smile:


Are the XT cases still available or have I missed the boat (skiff?)




List is still open because of manufacturing delays. Also I’ll order some extra. So if somebody discovered this thread now, then feel free to send me your wish.


I forgot … Am i on the list? I hope so :slight_smile:


Adrian, please add me to the list! Thanks :slight_smile:


@shiftr you are nr 3 in the list.
Everybody who sent me the message are still in the list.


@Adrian That’s nice to know :slight_smile:


I’m in for a metal case, too. @Adrian, sent you a PM.


Received new protos today, final check in beginning of next week and then I’ll make the production order.


Excellent Adrian!
Can´t wait :slight_smile:


as i can order a XT pcb from tubeohm, i will be happy to get one too !


I’m interested as well If I’m not too late! (fingers crossed)


I’ll take one! Need something for when i get around to finishing the xt board


@Bear00 send me DM with your e-mail and color black or white.


Adrian, hope I’m not too late for a white one with no wood. I will PM you…


I’m hoping not too late, have pm’ed. Thx.



Not too late working to get some improvements done.
Here’s a photo of black version. It’s with OLED display what is low enough to cover with display glass.
It’s with standard switches and caps.




@Adrian case is looking good. I’m curious, about how much wider is the case with the wooden side panels?