Shruthi XT Metal Case

No chance of having the original printing done on stainless brushed top? It would emulate the original aluminum and plexi case but in a durable case.

@Varthdader sorry no.

@Adrian You could do something similar to your Anushri metal case, maybe…


Yeah I’m still sooo interested in a proper metal Anushri case with wood cheeks. Not into the eurorack faceplate + bottom option, really.

One guy might take over the Anushri face plate order and make them. I’ll give him the bottom drawings also, so something will happen there.

Wow, looks really nice!

I like XT as the name. maybe keep the “Hybrid monosynth” and align it left like on the original?

@bleo Adrian’s Anushri case + MI Euro panel looks really nice, in my book.


If this is allowed, I would also prefer the full original mutable printing.

@Adrian - It’s hard to completely tell from the pictures but are the wooden cheeks angled? I really enjoy the angled ones on my Ambika so it would help me decide which route to go on the XT case.

They aren’t angled, but I could let make angled wood similar to Ambika.

If angled was an option I would definitely choose it as it makes it much easier to use when I am sitting down. Either way I am still in.

i’m in - pm-ed.

Ideally the case / wood would have the same depth / height / angle as the non-XT shruthi metal case so that they can sit flush alongside each other.

@spoor. They are exact same height.

Uij, if that other XT board group buy thread goes through, i’m def’ up for a enclosure!

What revision of boards do you have?
Thing is that revisions below v02 have display, encoder and fastening holes in different positions.
If you have v02 or v03 then it’s all cool. If you have v01 then let me know.

Any news on the case?

Will receive new protos this week. If they OK, then I’ll place the order.

Cool! I am on the list?

Yes everybody who has messaged me are in list. Don’t worry if I haven’t received reply.
Didn’t received the cases this week. Building season is coming and waiting line is longer because of construction parts.