Shruthi XT Metal Case


It’s basically same as Ambika. You remove face plate, take out MOBO and change filter.
No accsess from the bottom directly to filterboard.
Difference is that there are no spacers between MOBO and filter. Both fasten to bottom with spacers.


Hi Adrian and everyone ,
I’m francois !
I would like to get a quote for a Shruthi XT case ,
Do you still have some?
I’m new in the Shruthi world and I don’t know To find the knobs I see on pictures ,
Do you have them ?


Are these still available by any chance? The ones at Modular Addict are sold out.


Yes. PM me.


Hi Adrian, A few months later but I’m also in the middle of a Shruthi XT build and wanted to know about the cases and if they are still available? I see that they are still out of stock at Modular Addict.


A batch has been sent there. All this Christmas rush probably makes it more time to appear on store.


hi Adrian, sorry, can you tell me if the case are available, how much and which color ? thank vary much for you job.


Hi, currently have white cases in stock. Black ones ordered and will be ready this month. Price 76€.


Hi Adrian, any more white ones left?


Hello, I recently came into a set of bare PCBs for the XT and thought I would build it. @Adrian, do you have any more metal cases available?


Hi, yes I have black and white cases in stock. You can contact me via email or PM.