Shruthi XT Metal Case

Final design uses smaller hole for buttons, so below marked feet won’t fit. Final raw hole size is 9,5mm paint adds 0,1…0,2mm.

Here is the prototype what will give the picture how the case will look. Screen printers are on vacation, so these protos are made with water slide decals. End product will have screen print.
In this prototype I tested different ways to use alternative switches, but original switches and caps can be used.
Tested Omron switches with caps
This combo is too short and overall height is bit below the bottom plate, so I used some feet to increase the height.

Here is used black rubber feet what gives really good rubbery touch like Rogan knobs

Here are transparent feet what feel also good, but need another 0,5…0,7mm extra material below.

Knobs are Cliff K85 series with caps

In this case wood is optional. There will be fastening holes in both end of the case for wood. Wood cheeks will be fastened from inside of the case. Cheeks will come with pre drilled holes.

I’m going to start collecting names. If you are interested, then send me a message what includes:
Color- black or white
Wood- yes or no
Quantity- #
Your e-mail

Nice! I already got the same Cliff knobs, they are perfect.
What about led lenses, like those on your standard Shruthi cases?

PM is coming right away.

Dang it! Looks like I’ll be building that XT kit I have on a shelf after all. PMing

Yes Please.

Although it’s hard to choose the options,
since I haven’t seen the black one yet
And I don’t know about prices including / excluding wood


tempting anyone want to sell me an assembled xt control board to put me over the edge?

@gphg price will depend of the interest, but it will be around 70€. Wood price will be under 10€ extra.

@ Adrian: Mail send :slight_smile:

Nice one !

Do you mind to write another name than only “XT” ?

Waiting for good name and your approval.

Not personally you, but you all.

XT for the name is perfect IMHO


Since this case fits the official Shruthi XT, I thought that maybe the case could just have the same printing as the aluminum faceplate, just like the regular Shruthi metal case and the Ambika metal cases sport their respective names?

I totally understand the name changes done to the pcbs of “continuation series”, but maybe the metal cases will be used to retrofit MI products?

Don´t want this to be an issue and would perfectly accept if Olivier is not confortable with this and would rather not have the cases with his product´s names.

Hybrid XT Monosynth

other suggestions:
remove the artwork around the jam button
and replace the two vertical lines either side of the lcd with plain ones or none.

No pleas leave it like it is! :o

Also like XT, simple is better for me. If anything else I would go for something like Shruthi Ex-T or the original name if that was allowed.

Case looks great, nice work.

I agree with Varthdader. Completely.

+1 for making to top graphics exactly the same as those on the official MI top panel.
Looks really nice, though.


+1 for original printings.

What is the plan for the print color on the black cases?
While white might be the intuitive choice, I vote for a green print like you did on your LXR case…


This green is “signature” color for Sonic Potions