Shruthi XT menues?

hi all, as many of you know I’m totally blind. I’m considering getting a shruthi XT, I know it has menus how important are the menus to the operation of the synth? how are they navigated and do they rap around? if some one could explain the menu structure to me this would be vary helpful thanks in advance for your help peace trey.

You won’t need the menu for most functionality on the synth. However, the modulation matrix, sequencer, patch loading/saving, arpeggiator and global settings are all only accessible via the menu. I would imagine that would be very difficult to navigate without visual feedback.

I would suggest you take a look at other synths without a menu and possibly without patch memory. Dreadbox has some pretty good stuff that I’m sure you would have a ton of fun with. Or maybe a Moog mother 32? Or an Odyssey?

Hi to be honest with you that doesn’t sound too bad :slight_smile: Tell me more about how the menus navigated What kind of controls are used All the menus navigated by clickable encoder Or by buttons? Thanks again mate :slight_smile:

I guess you’re familiar with the basic control surface of the Shruthi? (I remember you asked about it before).
For example in the modulation matrix, the four potentiometers beneath the screen select

  1. the “virtual patch cable” to edit the the other three knobs (1-16)
  2. the modulation source (one of 28)
  3. the modulation destination (one of 28)
  4. the modulation amount

The knobs have no detends or anything. You have 28 options mapped to the full rotation of the knob. Even a tiny movement of the knob will make a huge difference. Even if you can remember what each of the 28 positions mean, I would imagine it is close to impossible to select a specific setting without any visual feedback from the screen. At least I wouldn’t be able to reliably turn the knob specificly to one of the 28 positions without looking. But I don’t have the skillfull hands of a blinded person, so I can’t tell if you’d be able to.

There are ways to use the encoder for navigation, but that is heavily relying on the screen to tell you what is currently selected. So IMO that is not going to be very helpful for you, unfortunately.

Maybe someone in your area has a Shruthi or a Shruthi XT for you to try out? Really, I think that’s the only way to find out if it would work for you.