Shruthi XT LCD replacement


I just finished my Shruthi XT with the ladder filter. I got the original case but due to the noise problems with the ladder filter, I can’t use the original OLED display. Instead, I ordered a Newhaven green LCD (the same type that’s in the BOM for the non-XT Shruthi). The original OLED display is 10mm high and has a 3mm plexiglass window on top. I removed the 3mm window, and stuffed in the 13,5mm Newhaven LCD but unfortunately it seems like those extra 0,5mm are just a little bit too much.
Now the alumimium front panel bends due to the display bezel.

After a lot of searching it seems like there are no LCDs flatter than 13,5mm on the market… At least not with backlight. Did anyone of you swap their OLED for an LCD and can point me to one with the right hight? (EU preferrably)


Here’s a photo of the problem

You can get less than half of the noise with an extra big cap installed on the power connection of the Oled. You won’t have any problems with the noise than.

I disagree. I’ve tried every combination of cap and went as far as a discrete PSU for it and it did not get rid of it all. Bend back the bezel tabs on the LCD you have right now and install the header with the plastic spacer on the other side of the PCB (or pull off the spacer if it’s already there). That should get you enough room

Strange,… i’ve tested it with several caps and also made audio recordings and put in the OLED noise thread. Nobody seems to react or believe it but i’m really sure it works. But you’ll need a big cap. I installed 2000 uF i think. Above that i couldn’t notice any improvement. Important is the cap is as close to the OLED as possible. It didn’t help when i put it in the power section on the filterboard.

which filter board? They all behave differently, 4PM and ladder are by far the worse

This was for the ladder filter in a shruthi XT.

Can we have a pic of the inside? i have fitted a standard LCD and my Case fits perfectly (albeit without any window)

BTW, guys,
its an urban myth that discrete PSUs are more stable in noisy situations……

Yeah, figured that out myself…

Speak of LCDs for the XT, Newhaven has a new one out. It’s a tight fit since it has tall parts on the back but as far as green on black LCDs, it’s the closest I have seen to the OLED

I tried altitudes advice and it worked out. I have the exact same newhaven LCD posted in the reply above. Yes, the parts on the back have a significant height, but bending the bezel made the thing just low enough to fit into the case without noticable bending of the faceplate.

I attached two photos, before bending and after. The desoldering was relatively easy and after cleaning the lcd it’s not noticable that it was desoldered at all.