Shruthi XT issues (Frank Daniels SMR4 edition)


I got a Shruthi XT few years back (bought it from someone) and always encountered the same problem with it.
Screen always shows values which changing really fast without affecting the sound. Values showed are the LFO parameters mainly. It’s going crazy once I’m touching the LFO part directly on the hardware. Otherwise it just randomly appears from time to time but it’s kind of annoying when I want to program the synth

When I switch to 4 knobs mode, it acts normally without any issues even if I gently push the LFO section on the hardware. I tend to use it in this configuration, but what a waste…

Any help is appreciated before I open it as I’m not too good at soldering.


Is the right hardware selected?
(Classic/XT Classic/XT)

To configure the correct version of the hardware, power the Shruthi on with the encoder pressed. The screen displays which version of the hardware is currently active. Repeat the procedure until the correct version is displayed.

Yep, right hardware mode is selected (XT classic) but then the problem appears and it makes the synth difficult to use…
This problem disappears when I’m selecting classic mode (4 knobs) but I can’t use the extended hardware panel and I’m stuck with the basic setup…

Ah okay, now I understand what you meant with 4-knob-mode.
Then it is most likely a bad soldering problem. As next step I would resolder the pots (especially the lfo pot). Just reheat them and feed a little bit fresh solder.