Shruthi XT front panel suggestion

I am about to embark on an XT conversion/upgrade for my Shruthi SMR-4 MkIII.

I have a small, square piece of fron panel just right of the controller board and on top of the filter section that could be used for something.

What would you guys put there?

Options Frank put forward range from a master volume pot to something less useful but thoroughly more entertaining like:
-a “Blinkenlight” switch,
-a “This space intentionally left blank” sign,
-“Useless Jack” with a useless jack

I am all for irony but also like usability and or all the teaks and options one can get.

I haven´t made up my mind and would like to know what you guys can come up with or your opinions!

Blinkenlicht switch! Or, if you’re really clever: a magic switch

I think you should put a little holder for incense there, for the right indian mood.

Hey tb323 that woudl be an excellent use for a “Useless Jack” option.

Or it could be “Incence Jack” and have an actual jack there

Ultra-cool. I think I want one too. :slight_smile:

More Useless Jacks here and Holders

What about a BNC Connector for a Light?

A joystick of course!

I like the “No Pass” Filter, plus it would fit right in there on the filter section of the XT!

I guess that on the Xt that would have to be an “on-off” switch? Like the BP and Pole switches? Or a jack? Or I could have both the switch and a No-Pass filter Input/ Incense jack?

Or something completely different?

Hey stimresp I think that a joystick would be brilliant but I am afraid the space available would be too small? Unless there´s something that somebody already did that might serve as inspiration parts-wise?

You cant use the CVins together with the Programmer… so the Joystick would be 2dimensional useless.

I found some Swarovskis i could glue there…

Oh, and you dont need any switches for a NoPass Filter, just plug something in - the jack is normalled :wink:

Master volume seems very useful and close to essential…

How about a “Jedi Master Volume” or a “Sith Master Volume”?

Hey fcd72, would the Swarovskis be “panel mounted soul frequency crystals”?

Or would there be a sign “Do not operate if crystals shine rainbow light”?

As putting swarovskis on anything is useless there cant be a hint what they are good for. But i can include pink LEDs to match the Sissycolored crystals…


Frank was very kind and added 3 holes for me in that section. There is no labeling so I can use them for whatever I like.

So far I used them for the master volume in and out. The third hole I will make it a little bigger to use with the ignition switch. The ignition switch just has a really cool feel to it.

Most mods can fit in the honey comb side panels. Such as the 2 pole 4 pole selector…etc.

A jack for a light is a great idea!

I am getting ready to start mine. I hope the SMR Mark I is the same as the Mark II when it comes to the pole selection and the BP options. I didn’t even think of that until just now. Here it is though…

if you send Frank some dodgy artwork he has the laser power to permanently brand it onto your XT…

principally you are right but i dont think there are as detaied instructions for doing the BP mod…