Shruthi XT front panel idea

I’m close to getting up enough nerve to try putting together an XT. I have the PCB and will be putting a BOM together for a Mouser order shortly. I’m thinking about designing a different front panel, something that looks like a modular and could be rack-mounted, not that I’m going to rack mount it 'though. Here’s what I was thinking:

Like this ?

I don’t have rack stuff, but…drool…

More or less. Who’s is that? Nice work!

It’s fcd72s :smiley:
(Mhmmmm baugruppenträger…)

I do love your design, piscione, looks epic! :slight_smile:

Thanks V’cent. I would like to see a photo of fcd72’s music room, there must be all sorts of hidden treasures in there!

Actually you would need a very good wide angle lens because its only a 2m^2 space…

@piscione: Nice design!


>(Mhmmmm baugruppenträger…)
I picked up a 3U Schroff yesterday from Farnell 36.19 GBP +VAT
They also do Fischer Electronik and Rittal

Now you are lost!
Have you got the rails with the threads, too?

Thanks Martin. I have some galv steel around that I’ve started putting measurements on, not sure how I’m going to cut it or bend it yet. It’s a “No Golfing” sign, probably from a park or something. I’m not even sure where it came from, I found it in my garage. For the lettering, I’m going to get one of my slot car guys to print a page of white decals for me. Then I’ll paint the panel, apply the decals and apply a clear coat over the top.

Please put the sign to the inside so you can read the rest of it when opening the case :wink:

I am actually building a cheap metal brake for doing this kind of stuff. I’m going to make custom folded enclosures for some pedals and possibly for my programmer (yes, I said PROGRAMMER/though I mean XT) old style. Basically one piece folded kinda like a U with serifs and a bottom plate. Wood end blocks/cheeks will be routed to slide over the end cap. If only I had a shear for cutting…

The metal brake is simply based on things I’ve found online. Three pieces of angle iron, a piano hinge, some rivets and bolts. It can be attached to the end of a workbench. I’ll post pics when I get it built. Building a shear is unfortunately out of the question. However, I will cut the edges, file and sand them and since they will go into the routed endblocks they should work out fine. Reusing old signs, excellent.

I had considered using the sign as part of the design but decided against it.

cool! i once planned to use a reflective city limits sign, but not sure if it’s worth the action (i’d need to remove it from public haha)

If it had been in better shape, the reflective part might have been cool. I really can’t remember where it came from, I usually woudn’t just remove an existing sign. It was probably sitting near the side of a road or something, I tend to pick stuff like that up. I managed to cut the main parts out using a jigsaw and metal blade, and have bent the bottom using a Dremel and cutoff disc to score the metal before bending. The bends for the top are going to be a bit more challenging. Working with metal is a whole new ballgame compared to working with the plexi.

bending metal without proper tools can be a nuisance. i can only do it with a vice and a hammer (good enough for the usual electrician job but not for cases like that) but i intend to get a good one some day. being able to bend metal sheets would make life so much easier.

That’s true. I’ll post some pics when I have the bends done.

yes sir, got the rails as well

I got the cuts and bends done, wasn’t too much fun. Turns out it’s aluminum (aluminium?), which made things a bit easier I suppose, but it’s too thick really. There are two pieces, one is the bottom and sides, and the other is the top, front and back. Here’s the box:

and here’s a mockup of what I think it will eventually look like:

There are still a couple of things for me to figure out before I start ordering parts for the XT, and I’d like to find round buttons instead of the little rectangles that are stock.