Shruthi XT FM1.01 stops sending midi after patch dump

I’m having a strange issue with my shruthi XT which runs on firmware 1.01.
After I send a patch dump the shruthi stops sending any midi data.
When I reboot the shruthi the midi data is back again.
I already tried to load the firmware a second time but this did not help.

Does anyone have the same issue?

Regs DMM

I’ll check this tomorrow and let you know…

I’ve checked my normal shruthi and have the same behavior.

How is your MIDI connected? You may be making a MIDI loop. Check that the MIDI setting is set to thru or seq in the MIDI sub menu. I just dumped a patch to the computer and then ran the sequencer on a VST just fine. This is a Shruthi 4PM running 1.01.

I have tried with ctrl and with full, both react the same.
No midi loop that I’m aware off but will check it later with midi in disconnected.

No midi loop.
In ctrl and full mode, controller data isn’t send anymore after a patch dump.
If I change to seq mode, run and stop the sequencer and then change back to ctrl mode the controller data is back.

Where you able to reproduce the problem?

Regs DMM

Yes, and even better, fix it

The problem was that I forgot that after sending a SysEx, the receiver “forgets” the running status - so the status byte needs to be retransmitted once. This means that all outgoing messages are ignored by the receiver until the status (message type) change. Normally, this happens fairly rapidly (a note on, a note off and we’re good to go); but in controller mode, the synth sends only one type of message - CCs - so this never happens.

Makes my day!
Thnx, you are the master!

The file didn’t work. Loaded it twice.
File name is shruthi1_1.01.syx, could this be the wrong file?

Ok, I did not test it in Ctrl mode.
Once again another reason why MI is better than most when it comes to customer satisfaction! :slight_smile:

> The file didn’t work. Loaded it twice.

What do you mean by “didn’t work”. The upgrade failed? Or it installed correctly but the problem was not resolved?

MD5: b850e86c1edc91c4b8141f451c998889
Size: 130236.

No upgrade went fine, it didn’t solve the issue.

Yes file size = 130236

Saved the “fix it” file to my local HDD and used the C6 sysex tool to load the firmware.
C6 proper settings and XT in firmware mode (press and hold OSC2 + on boot).

I took an old v1.00 Shruthi and installed by MIDI the firmware upgrade in the link.

I have configured the Shruthi in CTRL mode. Played with knobs, then did a patch dump, then played with knobs. MIDI OUT always worked.

Then I switched to SEQ mode. Started the sequencer, then did a patch dump, then restarted the sequencer. MIDI out always worked.

Finally, I switched to FULL mode. Played with the knobs and saw the CC on the MIDI out, then a patch dump, then tweaking the knobs. The CCs were correctly sent, unlike with the previous version.

Maybe this could be another unrelated problem, but in this case, can you walk me through the steps to reproduce it?

Sorry pichenettes it doesn’t work here.
Also loaded an older firmware version and then the “fix it” file again but still the same behavior.

With ctrl mode saved,
power ON,
turn a knob,
CCs are received,
open patch browser,
dump patch,
turn a knob,
no CCs are received,
switch to seq mode,
run sequencer,
stop sequencer,
switch to ctrl mode,
turn a knob,
CCs are back.

Is the upgrade progressing correctly (LEDs lighting up one by one)?

Can anybody else try this?

If I do what you describe, the CCs are received after the patch dump.

Yes LED are lightning up and the Shruthi reboots after update.

my 2nd and 3rd shruthi react the same. I’ve tried a different midi device and it’s still the same.

Hmmm… I doubt this has any effect, but which channel are they set to?

Channel 1