Shruthi XT Filter

Please , i know this may sounds banal to some of you, but somehow i don’t get it!
I bought a used Shruthi XT and I still have a week background with the concept of mutable instruments.
Thats i why it justifies why i can’t change the Filter mode.

where the hell i can choose between LP/BP/HP ?

i can tell the Filter on it is a LP but it doesn’t really cut off the signal at it lowest level, as the signal is still passing through.
its really confusing me, im letting the signal through my Vermona Retroverb just to adjust the filter.

I would thankful for any kind of explanation according this point
Thank you a lot

> where the hell i can choose between LP/BP/HP ?

You can’t, the Shruthi XT doesn’t come with a multimode filter. It comes with a 4-pole low-pass filter. Because the filter has a steep, but not entirely vertical slope, it will always let a tiny bit of signal pass through.

Thanx for the great news pichenettes !

So is there a way to get there via new filter board? no right?
Does an extra Shruthi as listed here will help?

or that simply means i always need an external filter for it?
Thank you

Yes, you can disassemble it and install another filter board inside. Currently, there are two filter boards which provide multimode options: dual SVF, and 4-pole mission.

I don’t really understand your problem though… Why do you want to filter again the signal coming from the Shruthi?

I don’t want to filter it again, i only just want the possibility to LP/BP/HP filter the source signal
In the current situation i can only LP it

Is it a big deal to install a another filter board inside?
I have never done something like this before:)

Erm, no.

Just open the Shruthi, disconnect the old filter board and connect the new board.
However, before you get to that you need to assemble and test the new filter board and it’s a small DIY exercise that takes an evening and you should at least have a multimeter and a soldering iron at hand. Read the build instructions carefully and measure everything that you put on the board if you’re not used to building electronics, soldering etc.

Also, there’s a setting that will tell your Shruthi that you do indeed have another filter PCB inside. You need to set and save the right filter setting in the system settings page. Quoting a bit from the filter build pages here:

If you don’t do so, it is likely that the filter will emit glitchy filtered sounds every time you navigate through the pages. After having made the change, press S6 (load/save), turn the encoder to select “ok” and click. This will save the filter board setting for future use.

If DIY is not your thing, you can ask one of the trusted builders to build one for you.

Note that you can only install one filter board in the Shruthi. So installing a new filter board will give you the option of LP/BP/HP mode selection (and other nice things), but you won’t get exactly the same sound as the LP filter currently installed in your Shruthi - which has a rather warm tone.

The LP mode of a multimode filter is never as good as a dedicated LP filter.

FYI, the SMR filter board that comes with the XT can do BP, but this requires adding a switch to select between BP and LP. The modes won’t be accessable through the menu, just a toggle switch mounted somewhere on the case. No HP though. If you don’t need HP this may be a cheaper alternative. The Trustes Builders can help you with this as well.

its a big decision i have to take i guess. Thanx everyone!
pichenettes i guess you are right with this argument, but with which otter filter board i can still get the warmness of the SMR ?qp i think i will try this version at first and then see how it reacts

my problem is that the ShruthiXT is a bit aggressive and wild while combining it with other analog synths. so im looking for something that could warm it and cool it down

i really love this synth but its way too dominant and arrogant, though it sounds amazing by its self:)

You could also just EQ it on your mixer (or in your DAW) to make it fit in your mix.

I think the SMR4 is the most warm filter for the Shruthi. But i can imagine a 4PM can sound a bit more neutral and behaved in some situations.

yeah you right :slight_smile:

so do you mean you people exchange the filter boards once in a while to get different results?

No. we just have a lot of shruthi’s

Although i don’t have a 4PM anymore and i should get one. I’d love an XT with a 4PM board.

I think we more or less normal people just choose one filter board and stick with that, quite satisfied with owning just one Shruthi :slight_smile:

i just don’t know if i can get the same results using an external filter box or are the shruthi filter boards something really special ?

The sound quality from an external filter box could be anything from better to worse, but the most important arguments for using an internal filter board, is that you have a self-contained unit, and that you can control the filter easily using the built-in Shruthi modulation sources (envelopes, LFOs…)

exactly C14ru5 , you just said it !

how much does it actually costs to get a 4PM installed by one of the trusted builders ?