Shruthi XT - Env Mod problems after patch randomize?

Hi there!

I have a small issue with patch randomization and Env Mod of filter on Shruthi XT. In many cases when I randomize the patch Env Mod seems to get disconnected from the modulation and the knob stops working. I’m not sure if it’s bug or intended and I’d love to know the way to put the Env Knob back to work in such a patch. Sure I’m able to get the modulation via mod matrix, but I don’t know how to put it back on the knob.

Can you post a video or a dump of a patch in which it happens?

It looks like this happens because the modulation matrix has been randomized in such a way that a large negative modulation is applied to the cutoff, making this specific modulation ineffective.

There is no “fix” for that, the randomization feature is a very literal randomization - it doesn’t try to do anything meaningful or coherent.

Hi there,
I can’t find such modulation in mod matrix, but maybe I’m missing something. Here’s the patch dump.

T115.syx (270 Bytes)