Shruthi(XT) duo mode

I’ve given Shruthis duo(phonic) mode a try today with some alternating thirds, but just the OSC2 followed the MIDI-In Notes whereas OSC1 always plays the very same note. I’ve tried to delay every second note of the thirds, too, but no improvement there. I’ve got Shruthi OS 1.02 on mine. And attached my test MIDI.
Anyone any hints what I could have done wrong?

I will have a look…

Here’s how it sounds on my Shruthi. Looks OK to me!

Something you have to be careful about, though: in duo mode, MIX controls the balance between the two oscillators - which can be useful when the two oscillators don’t play the same waveforms and need to be balanced. At the extremes settings (or when MIX is modulated in the mod matrix by an envelope or LFO), you will hear only one of the two oscillators - and with that, gone is the duophony! Since many of the presets have modulations on MIX, they won’t work immediately in duo mode - they’ll need a bit of reprogramming to remove all the modulations which can affect MIX. That’s the only explanation I can think of for your problem.

Thank you very much for your quick reply and looking into it for me, Olivier!
The modulations might indeed cause the described behaviour, so that is a good tip, I’ll look into. The MIX control I’ve used to find out which of the two oscillators has got the rock steady tone height ;). And thanks for the ‘prove’.mp3 :)!

Some more positive feedback ;): It was indeed caused by an unwanted modulation, after removing that one the duo mode rocked my Shruthi, too! Thanx again!