Shruthi xt disfunction [SOLVED]

i’ve a got a problem with my shruthi xt, it didn’t worked since the beginning, when i power up i can see “progammer mode free” and after i’ve got instructions on lcd who changed everytime, only few buttons changed values … Do you have an idea ?

Not sure I completely understand what you’re describing but did you set the MIDI/Sys parameter “cv.” to prg?

yes i’ve done it ! that’s like i move all the pots in the same time !

Then something is wrong with the programmer part. Does the programmer pcb get power? Does it have a proper 5v and ground connection? Did you build it yourself?

Yes i have built it, i’ve got the 5V and green led is lighting, i have visualy checked the pcb and it seems ok.

You are somehow not getting th CV signal to the Shruthi, it reads an unterminated CV1 Line thats floating, so the Shruhti things you are tweaking all the knobs at the same time. I suggested to send me the PCB, because its much easier to have a look here at the lab, rather than trying to spot an error on an self etched board on a smartphone pic……

Yes Franck i remember your suggestion but i prefer find by myself … if i don’t arrive to debug i will send it you but if i can avoid …

Well… post hi-res pictures of every detail of the pcb, the pots and connections to the shruthi then…

Here the photos ShiftR =>
Thanks for your help.

Is anybody could post a photo of the wires from programmer board to controller board please ? I use an old controller board without port expansion
I have a wire which is not connected and it seems that’s not good !
I have checked here => but it’s not clear for me !

Not sure how much this helps, but the left side shows the pads on the Shruthi digital control board and the right side shows the pads on the programmer.

Argh, here’s the file I was looking for.

@kroutshev … sorry i missed the post of your picture. Could you post it again? You can attach it on the forum.

Hi Guys,
happy new year to Mutable community and special thanks to Piscione and shitftr for their help :slight_smile:
I have read your documentation Piscione and finish to wire programmer board to controller, now that’s ok :slight_smile: first step
After i have checked wiring pots and i have done mistakes in port 3 and 4 ! I have resolved them and now it’s closed to be finaly ok …
Every pots are responding except port 3. In port 3 section which controls Enveloppe features, only Env2 Release and substain changed values … the others have no action … I have checked the IC 4051, the connector and wires … it seems ok but the night before was short and my eyes tired
I will let you know asap !

That’s ok ! i have solved my last problem, it was a bad solder joint on 5V rail Now the Red XT is 100% functiunnal :slight_smile: !
Thanks again for your help !