Shruthi XT comes up with filter LED lit

Before I tear this thing apart, I figured I’d ask. This is a Shruthi XT with a ladder filter board installed and it worked fine before I put it into a box with everything else and renovated my office/studio. Everything else still works, only this Shruthi is acting odd. When I turn it on, the second (filter) LED is lit up and the filter parameter page is displayed on the LCD. Then I press button 6 and the Init patch comes up. If I turn the encoder, I get the next real patch, “Moof?”

Any idea what could cause this? I re-installed the latest firmware, just in case. No difference.



1/ There’s a system setting to select what is shown when the synth starts (filter page, version number…)

2/ Maybe the patch 001 (“Junon”) has been overwritten by a patch called “init”?

It was the system setting for the start page, thanks Olivier. Kinda odd, I didn’t actually change it.