Shruthi XT case plans


are the XT case plans still lying around online somewhere? I checked the links to GIThub but they’re dead.

Found a very reasonable laser cutter/engraver in Copenhagen so thinking of getting a case knocked up.


Found it! my bad

Check pcb rev.

for some reason the eps file in the github will not upload to ponoko, anyone have any insight to this? i also tried converting it to look at but it will not convert either.looking specifically at the shruthi_xt.eps file on this page

How did you downlod it? Right-click on the file in github will download the website instead of the file. There’s a “view raw” button where you can right click and “save as …”

yes, i used the same for ambika and anushri and it works, but when i try to upload xt eps file to ponoko or other sites or convert it they all say “error”

could anyone please confirm whether they are having the same problem? i would like to get some xt boxes made

Try opening in Inkscape then export again, but uncheck the “Rasterize filter effects” checkbox. This fixed a problem I had with the PreenFM case and Ponoko.

ok i finally got it open but the file does not seem to have the sides. it looks like its just a faceplate?

The original mi XT case was a plexi case with an aluminum top overlay. You have the latter. There is probably also another file. Better is to get a metal case from Adrian.

do you have a link to that case?