Shruthi XT case dimensions


I am preparing to get an acrylic case laser cut for my Shruthi XT and have noticed a discrepancy between the files for the aluminium top plate and the acrylic box on the github.

The file for the aluminium top plate has outside dimensions 294.25mm * 111.251mm but the file for the top cover of the acrylic case has outside dimensions 292.313mm * 111.298mm.

Going from the scaled down pcb reference and scaling it back up, it would seem that 294.25mm is the correct width, as that seems to be the best fit for the screw holes.

Can anyone confirm?

For future reference, 294.25mm does seem to be the correct width for the case. I scaled the case design up to match the faceplate size, and transferred the faceplate graphics across onto it. Also removed the cutout for the screen as I wanted to have it cut out clear acrylic and minimise any fuss.

I’ve attached a photo of my modified case and the file I sent to the laser cutting service in case anyone else wants to do the same.

edit: should probably add, this was cut from 3mm acrylic. (56.4 KB)