Shruthi XT - buttons falling out!

So, this is a slightly minor thing but I’m wondering if anyone has engineered a solution to this.

I assumed the Shruthi button caps would kind of snap onto the switches and keep them in place but when I turn my Shruthi XT upside down most of button caps simply fall out of their holes. I might end up ordering new switch caps, I’m wary of using glue or anything sticky to adhere the caps to the switches.

There are two proposed solutions over at the Sonic Potions forum:
1: Use Blu-tack or your local favorite trade name for that sticky blue-gray goo.
2: Cut small pieces of electrical tape to be put on the switch plunger.

What’s worked for me is taking a pair of needle nose pliers and squeezing the tabs inside the cap closer together.

Yeah, I tried that too. Until the day came when the pliers slipped and nearly massacred the insides of the button cap. I was being careful and all that, it’s just a bit more geared towards those who like living on the edge.

Some one here also used small rubber bands to hold the buttons on. I forget who. The electrical tape is a good idea, I should do that with my Shruthi sometime.

Aerosmith’d the shit outta those caps. Just gotta show a little self restraint. More Banner, less Hulk.

I wish I had brains instead of brawns & malice… Or something. I guess I’ll just go full caveman when exposed to hand- and power tools :slight_smile: Must be all the Nitzer Ebb exposure.

Hence, Blu Tack for me. All hits, no misses.

I used crazy glue, those suckers are never comin’ off!

A small blob of silicone sealant would be my approach, it’s removeable :slight_smile:

But you have to put the cap on, press the switch in and then press it bit more until it pops on and will move no more.

If CA would work, the adhesion is very firm but you can still “break away” the joint with some force.

I use acrylic glue, not super glue but does the job and you can get them off in an emergency

@Percivale is right. CA glue has very little shear strength and the bond can be broken. I use a slightly thickened version so it doesn’t get all over.

Tested both CA glue and Blu Tack on my olden x0xb0x that needed some TLC. The CA stuff was much better than expected. I was afraid the caps would turn up all cattywampus but they ended up nice. The tack is better while the box isn’t 100% finished, then it’s CA time from here on out.

little sheets of plastic worked fine for me, and also on the anushri aluminium edition

I used tiny strips of scotch tape. It works great.
Pull out a small length that won’t be longer than the width of the button cap.
Then pull off narrow strips from that (2 or 3?).
Stick them on the bottom of the button cap.
Push to button cap on.

Thinner than electrical tape. Doesn’t get gummy.

Shouldn’t be TL1100A used instead of TL1100 ?

Look at
At the end of page 1 and beginning of page 2 the difference between both models. The width of the squared tits of the TL1100A version is 3.80 mm while the TL1100 is 3.30.

I’m ordering one TL1100A to try…

the larger ones are too big. The problem is the round caps are not made for those switches but are the only ones long enough to work. Poster tack is a good solution (I use epoxy putty), the trick is to prevent the button getting pushed down on the actuator of the tact and staying on

Hi, use small stripes of tape. 1x 5 mm and glue it over the switches.