Shruthi XT build issue

Hello, I finally got around to building the Shruthi XT and I’ve gotten so far as to get the firmware uploaded and XT mode selected, I’m getting MIDI in (the ! shows up when I send it info), but I can’t set the filter or MIDI channel. Whenever I do, they reset themselves, sometimes to weird values like MIDI channel 23 or 18 or something along those lines. Pretty much all of the internal settings (MIDI, pause, tuning, filter, etc.) reset themselves the second I move away from the page. Also, when pressing the encoder switch, sometimes it seems like it jumps around the menus.

As far as the build goes: the buttons, pots and encoder are working, but it does look like I may have as many as three LEDs that need to be replaced. I don’t know how that could be true, but 1,5 and 8 just don’t light up. When I was putting it together, I had some issues with the encoder touching the LCD (I have the trimmer & resistor set up for it) and shorting out the backlight, but I desoldered the encoder and moved it slightly and now the backlight works fine.

I’m not sure what could be causing these problems. Is it the 24LC512? I’m at a loss.

EDIT: I had only flashed the muboot.hex, not the Shruthi1.hex or internal_eeprom.hex. That fixed the problem with the settings not saving, however I am still not able to get sound out of the synth. I’m using the Polivoks filter with digital audio out. Is there something that needs to be enable via software for this? Would I be better off wiring up the audio jumpers to the audio jack?

Bad solder joint, I fixed it! Synth sounds awesome!!!