Shruthi withdrawl problem

Hi Guys,

Sorry to bother you again, I just wanted to ask a quickie…

I am pretty much finished on my Yellow Magic Build and again absolutely loved the process of sitting down for a couple of days and chilling out with BBC radio 6 on and zoning out into the build.I find it a very nice experience indeed and very therapeutic. (other than my breaking the leg of the chip catastrophe).

Now I am looking forward to the Ambika launch, but I really would love another Shruthi project before then but i am a bit unsure about things when it comes to sourcing all the correct bits etc.

So can I ask some advice, I see on the Mutable website that you can buy PCBs for different variants of the Shruthi range, and then there is a BOM listing showing you the various parts you need to source, but being a novice i just wanted a little bit of advice on exactly what i need to do to gather all the bits so I can do another build before the Ambika drops, eg on the Yellow Magic there was a link you could use to pre load the Shopping cart at Reichstang with all the components (sort of an idiots approach to sourcing the bits an bobs) is there one of these available for me to use so I can get another build on the go or does anyone have any full kits to sell etc? Any advice would be gratefully received as I think I am addicted to building Shruthi’s now and cant see past the near future without having one being built on my desk…Whenever I do it just hurts so much deep inside my tiny mind!

Cheers guys.

I know that scenario, soldering away listening to Mark Riley.

On the BOM there are reference numbers. Since you’re in the UK I would try to get everything from Farnell. Although if there are enough parts missing from the Farnell column it can be worth putting in an order to another site where you can get all parts. If you spend over £50 at digikey I think they pay the shipping and tax.

I tend to build up as much as I can from stock parts and then order what I need.

I am awaiting the delivery of the Yeloow magic boards, and when they do I am going to walk into the Farnell Trade Counter with the BOM , which just happens to be a few miles down the road from me.
I shall report back on my experience , this will be a first time for me. I realise I cannot get everything from there, but it will be interestig to see what they actually have got.
cheers and regards

Cheers man…and then do I buy the pre programed chips from Mutable’s shop is that right? So PCB Filter board and control board from Mutable, Chips from Mutable preprogramed? then all the resistors, caps, pots switches etc from Farnell? Can you ring Farnell up and speak to a customer service person?

Buying from Mutable saves you from having to program the chips. I have the AVR programmer and it is a life saver. There are cheaper cables though.

Ok cool,will defo buy the chips from Mutable then.

re Farnell people , yes you can ring them. I can programme my own chips but buying from Olivier saves all the hassle, well worth picking up at the same time as the boards.
I want to see what Farnell have to offer at their trade counter ( I also need to pick up a new soldering station at the same time)…
Who knows , it could be a dream experience , or it could be complete exasperation if they have no stock … if the latter I will leave the BOM with them , or source elsewhere.
report to follow.

Think I’m going to go for the Shruthi-1 4-pole mission. Gonna grab it now with the chips.

If you’re going to get an Ambika I strongly recommend learning to program your own chips (the Ambika needs 7 programmed chips)-all you need to get is a USB-asp programmer from eBay and a 10-pin-6pin adaptor-the whole lot should be well under $10. It’s actually really easy to do…

Thanks Gwaidan.

I am going to call Farnell a bit later on and see if i can get the components required.

Just rang Farnell and they only allow you to buy resistors etc in groups of 50 per part making it quite pricey all in all! Going to try some other place I guess!

Look at the cost of each resistor, if you buy about 50 of one value it’s still only about 23p. That’s pretty much what Maplin will charge you for a single resistor.

Farnell have a minimum order of about £20, so you may as well order multiples.

you’ll need more of each value for future projects. i always buy 100 of every value, except 100K are worth buying 1000

it was working out at about £1.00 per 50 resistors ie the first resistor in the BOM of which i wanted 1 was gonna cost around £1.30 for the 50 so all in all for the filter board components it was looking at about £60 - £70 i wasn’t looking to spend that much.

if you find no other way you could always order individual components from a shop like

many thanks, im trying to do it via reichelt as we speak.

If you’re not in a hurry, consider getting a big resistor (and possibly ceramic capacitor) selection from a Hong Kong/China ebay seller. Sure, you end up with stuff that will sit on the shelf, but the per-unit price can be absurdly low, and it’s not like it takes a lot of storage space.

Maplins sell such packs too.

Just finished rounding up my account for the main bulk of components:;ACTION=5;SORT=user;

Phewww took a couple of hours.

Not all the bits i know but the majority, defo gonna buy some assorted caps etc from Ebay,

I bought a hundred or so 100nf caps from ebay as they’re always needed and only really used for decoupling in the MI stuff, not for audio.