Shruthi with Doepfer Dark Time

Hi! I have a new Shruthi-1 and I have a question. Can I use the “signal in” port to sequence the Shruthi with the Dark Time via CV/Gate?

is there a signal in? There is an audio input and a midi input. Neither works with CV/gate. But doesn’t have the dark time a midi output?

No CV/gate control unless you do some work…

Dark time Midi out-> Shrtuhi Midi in.
Bingo ! :wink:

CV/Gate is as far as I know a major pain, whereas midi just works… Why the need for CV/Gate control?

I have next to no problems here with CV/Gate……and/or MIDI. Things get pesky when it comes to MIDI over USB……

Midibox GM5x5x5 anyone? :wink:
(In case it wasn’t clear, I meant CV/Gate for shruthi, not in general)

GM5x5x5 is awesome y’all! Low latency and never had any trouble. I saw that TK has also implemented USB host for class-compliant USB to MIDI gear on one or more of the ARM cores. MIDIbox has always been good once you grok it, but shit got real now :slight_smile:

I like the latter day options that platform has for Lemur-controlled MIDI to CV converters too. But it’s not for everyone to tackle.

Still haven’t made any of my 8x2 LED controller boards… Or ordered one of those fancy new cores… Problem is that the cores from smashTV cost just a tiny bit more than the Danish postal system accepts as “free for all”, (It’s 80DKK including shipping, from anywhere outside EU), so suddenly you have to pay 150DKK(~20€) xx% amount “moms”(including any fees incurred by you, such as shipping… It gets even worse once you go above a certain limit, then they want 150DKK, xx% moms, and on top of that xx% “importskat”, OF THE TOTAL AMOUNT, including shipping, packaging, however much the content of your import is worth of course the xx% they took to begin with in “moms”, before they release your package to you… Man, importing stuff into Denmark from non-EU countries sucks donkey’s arse… :frowning:
(It’s robbery… :/)
I need to get myself an address somewhere in the EU that has a higher limit, so I can ship stuff there… And then ship it to me :frowning:

So yeah, I haven’t really done any midibox project, other than the GM5x5x5… But I have three PCBs for the LED midi controller, just waiting for the day that I’m fed up enough with not having a stand alone midicontroller for my Miniak+Proteus/1…