Shruthi : Which is the right PCB and Tutorial?

Hello to everyone, I am new here!
I want to build the “small” Shruthi with the SMR4 Filter, not the XT and I have got some questions about the PCB’s:

  1. The newest mainboard PCB . is this the right file?
  2. The newest Filter which one of these two should be used?
  3. In the Tutorial the pictures show the v1 Filter Board - can the tutorial also be used for v02 or 12V-v03 PCBs ??
    Thanx a lot
  1. Correct.
  2. Shruthi-Analog-SMR4-mkII-v02.brd
  3. Yes, the only difference between v01 and v02 is the logo.

Thank you very much for the fast help!!!