Shruthi - which firmware version, and repository of existing versions?

I’m trying to find the version of my currently installed Shruthi firmware - I see that it’s supposed to be displayed upon power on (unless I’ve told it not to), but my version must be old enough (one of original Shruthi batches, using @fcd72 XT classic hardware), so that all that shows when I power on is “programmer mode master”, and I see no option “sta” for startpage in the System settings (I see instead “cv”. Any suggestions?

Along similar lines - is there an archive of old “official” MI firmware versions, along with what changed in each of them? I know I can just flash my current unit with the latest firmware, but I’d like to know what I’m losing/gaining in the process.

And finally - having been away from this forum for eons - is there some repository somewhere that also houses 3rd party firmware for the Shruthi (and Ambika, and MIDIPal, and … )? Following many years worth of history by re-reading this forum is just not practical for me these days…

Thanks in advance!

Yo Dan!
Nice to see you here…
you can safely update to the latest firmware version using the classic XT Hardware without loosing anything. When updated keep the encoder pressed on Startup and chage settingst to “classic”. . I lost track what you gain since this ancient firmware :wink:

Best - Frank

Thanks Frank!! Yeah, will definitely take the plunge and update, but would love to know what new things are in there if possible.


You can see the changes in the official firmware summarized here:

And then there’s the YAM changes summarized in the README here (apologies for shameless self promotion):


Perfect!!! Thank you Bjarne!! Embarrassingly, I think I was still at v0.97 or so… Will also check out your YAM work as well, very much appreciated.