Shruthi Voltage test problem (?)

I’m assembling the filter board (SMR4 MKII), I’m on the 5th step, the problem is that when I measure the voltage on the red points it reads 5.00 V, while the green points read 4.93 V, and this happens when I set my multimeter to 20V. When I set it to 200V, it reads 4.6 V instead of 4.93 V. Is this acceptable? Is there a problem with my multimeter? Thanks in advice

Everything is fine, just your Meter is crappy :slight_smile:

Very well, now I’ve got another problem, I can’t find a 68K resistor, but I think I’ll manage that :^)

there is no 68k in the Shruthi kit. Its a 68R ( which means Ohms), its the one with the golden ring…

Frank, you are so subtle.

You might want to toss a new battery in the meter and see if that makes a difference.

The regulators have a 2 or 5% tolerance depending on the kit batch - your values are within tolerances.

You’re probably measuring one of the voltages the wrong way (swapping the multimeter probes) - one of them must be negative.

The DAC in your meter probably has an 8-bit resolution. When you set it to 200V, it’ll measure voltage in steps of 200/256 = 0.78V. So with a 200V range, with a true voltage of 5V, it’ll either display 4.6V or 5.4V - whatever is the closest to the true voltage.

0,3V Difference in 200V are roughly 0,166% Error whats well inside the limits of a cheap Multimeter, i don’t think a new Battery would change this. And i am known to be subtle, you are invited for Dinner, I’m gonna make Champignontoast :wink:

Champignontoast! One of my favourite things that I’m sure I have never had. I’ll bring a cheap multimeter.