Shruthi UI - Sado-maso or Microsoft?


Why would you lay it out according to the signal flow? Wouldn’t it make more sense to lay it out according to usage? That’s why I went with MS. I figure most of the time a monophonic synth is being used for lead sounds, which means you’re playing with your right hand and tweaking knobs with your left. Sinice you would usually be tweaking filter and modulation knobs, they would be closest to the left side.

I use my monophonic synths mostly for bass, so for me it’s the opposite. Left hand playing, Right hand tweaking.

There’s definitely more than one way to think about this.

usually i play with the right hand and tweak with the left. however this doesn’t look like 1m panel width, right? so i would probably have the entire device at my left, and the keyboard to the right.
but SM is what feels most natural to me, oscillators being the 1st step in sound creation, then comes the filtering etc. i’ve done it on my Shruthi-1 programmers the same way, except for that the modulations are on the right side too (also determined by less space on the left because of the display and menu pots)
but it’s not a deal breaker if it’s one or the other way, i got used to everything after playing with it

Möøg mixes it up in a way that makes sense to me.


MϿg doesnt make sense to me anyway . . .


I’m with Frank. I guess that’s why a modular might be the perfect solution, you can put the stuff wherever you want. It would be cool if, in a fixed format synth, you could assign the knobs however you wanted.

Firmware mods + overlays… for those that don’t accept SM. :wink:

This layout uses +/- buttons for moving through multi-choice options (waveforms); so it cannot be as flexible as piscione or tb323 would like it to be…

No, I’m fine with SM and would never want to use overlays.

double +/- good!

Olivier, it was just a “blue sky” thing with me. I certainly wouldn’t judge a synth based on its layout. I’m more into sound (and the already mentioned blinking lights). I just hate the word “traditionally”. If something was traditionally designed a certain way, it doesn’t mean it’s correct, it might mean that it is time for a re-think.

SM-matches the flow of the Shruthi’s selector buttons (signal/filter/modulators/matrix)

gwaidan has by far the best explanation for SM

so are you converted now?



SM (same reason as gwaiden)