Shruthi UI - Sado-maso or Microsoft?

So I’m getting kind of serious about this


  • Do you prefer to have the synthesis parameters (oscillator / mixer / filter) on the left and the modulations (LFOs and envelopes) on the right. Vote SM.
  • Or instead, do you prefer to have the modulations on the left and the synthesis parameters on the right. Vote MS.

To spice things up, you can vote by posting a picture unambiguously illustrating your answer.

point made!
but, since this looks so diyourselfish (all through hole) it would be awesome if the LCD could be mounted through a hole too. that would allow using round button caps without wiring off board or make a huge adapter stripboard
of course, i see all the traces below the lcd, and the midi socket so it’s more thinking out loud than anything else
Lalalalalala, lalalalalala


SM… never Microsoft!

SM…another lemming here !


This would follow almost all other non-modular synth gear I have.

Edit: It would be cool to use an RGB-LED encoder with transparent D-shaft. There’s some Bourns job (652-PEL12T4226FS1024) with full RGB, then there are some two-color variants like 652-PEL12D2225SS1024 for that extra bling factor.


SM + lots of extra blinkenlights!






SM - looks mighty interesting, bring it on!

It should be laid out according the to flow of the signal and order they are applied in.

What if they can be applied in all different orders?

@6581punk when you have a modulation matrix that is a bit more open ended. But traditionally that would be mostly SM.

Obviously if they are applied differently that’s another kettle of fish :slight_smile:

Some synths have a block diagram showing the flow, it’s something you can do nicely with a big graphical touch screen well.