Shruthi tuning and ambika screen

Hi guys, I’m having a stressful time with a couple builds, any help would be great!

First up my midnight shruthi. It says on the instructions to set the mode to svf in the ‘fil’ option, don’t know where that is of seem to be able to find it?

Secondly the tuning of the filter is killing me, I can’t seem to remove the matrix style noises at self oscillation from above 80 on the filter cutoff, it seems no matte how much I turn R4 clockwise it only gets marginally better (over 15 whole turns)

Thirdly, I’m not quite sure how to access the cutoff and resonance pages for the second filter?

Fourth; an 4pole that I had bought earlier on I have realised does the same thing at high resonance (matrix style pitch stepping) can it be fixed or is it normal?

And lastly, my ambika screen won’t fire up and I’ve spent hours trying to solder suck and braided copper the terminals clean to install this new digikey one (I’ve troubleshot all voltages etc, after reading another post I’m positive it’s a faulty screen!

I’ve really lost heart and after spending days building an ambika and the new shruthi I’m ready to give up!

Any help would be great, or if anyone lives in Melbourne and could lend a hand id gladly pay any cost!

Thank you in advance

Hi Charlie,
Welcome on the forum.
You can reach the filter settings by pressing the 5th button so the led above it is off. And then press the fourth button a few times until you see the fil option. The use the pot or encoder to set it to SVF. Press the 6th button to save the settings so you don’t have to set it everytime the unit boots.

This should solve your tuning problems too since you can’t tune it if it isn’t set to the right filter.

All this information is in the manual.

Does the Ambika screen light up? Did you use the right current limiter resistor. For the backlight?

Hi shiftr, thanks for the help.

With the ambika, it was lighting up, but no character showing! I had a short across the resistors as this model didn’t need one. I read a post recently of another bloke having the same trouble, I have since gotten the thing off with a hacksaw blade, cable cutters, some brute force and a sprinkle of ignorance… No damage has been done to the mobo though I pray I hadn’t cooked anything while trying to desolder! I will buy a new 16 way connected and install the digikey one tomorrow!

As for the shruthis I’ll go through and have another crack now, feeling good after removing the screen :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help