Shruthi sysex memory dump request?

In the Sysex section of the Shruthi manual it only seems to describe how to send a storage memory dump to the Shruthi. Unless I’m misunderstanding, it doesn’t describe how to ask the Shruthi to send a sysex dump of part of the memory contents. Is there a way to do that?

What I’m actually trying to do is to get the Shruthi to identify itself via sysex, and ideally give the channel number. That’s a basic requirement for setting up an “adaptation” for it, in Knobkraft Orm ;

I thought I could retrieve the first block from the internal EEPROM, which contains the system settings:

Logical range Physical medium Physical range Content
0x0000 - 0x0010 Internal eeprom 0x0000 - 0x0010 System settings

Is there a sysex command to do that? I have the Yam 0.05 firmware, but I gather most of it is the same, apart from adding the extra waveforms.