Shruthi-Synthesizer and my "WAVE 1"


DE-GENERATOR with Midi Control Change


I did not see new iteration of this at Superbooth this year @tubeohm


I talked to Andre. They have the firmware almost ready. Hardware-wise there’s not much new to show.
It will be ready soon, he said.


Latest news , 29.08.2018 . I must order 30 Motherboards new in Verson 1.3. Should come this week .
If i get it , i will test it and write the DIY manual . In the meanetime Rolf update the software . Now we can draw waveforms for the oscillators and later also for the LFO’s.
Bad with the Motherboards- my mistake …We habe source now all rare parts and hopefully we can start in september .


Nice progress! Getting there… :smile:


Hallo again…

Andre from has made new Videos from DE-GENERATOR. Look at here:


Hallo friends…

There are new features in the waveform editor. The clipping in the VOL function was changed and now works properly. And second, a random function (RND) has been integrated. The RND function creates a new waveform from two randomly selected waveforms This allows over 16,000 new waveforms.


Random Waveforms


Greetings from Germany :smiley:


Hello friends
I wish you a happy new year and have fun with the electronic music. :heart_eyes:

Here are some sounds from DE_GENERATOR


This is the end of the story of DE GENERATOR :sleepy:

The software is ready and the case is coming soon :slight_smile:

Block news online :

Best regards from germany. Rolf

PS: But the story of the DE-GENERATOR is not quite finished yet. I still have some ideas …