Shruthi-Synthesizer and my "WAVE 1"


New DE-GENERATOR case for the Superbooth 17 in Berlin.

We are here on the Superbooth with Sonic Potions (pic 3).


Hopefully Sonic State will swing by for an interview.


Suberbooth 17 preview with Wolfgang Schneider



Andre Laska from DE-GENERATOR team is there. I stay at home and sleeping… :wink:


For the superbooth 2017.


and other…


Nice! I will come and see it in person at superbooth :slight_smile:


Ok. Andre Laska from TubeOhm Instruments is there… and on same floor Mutable Instruments :)))


and i actual prog a few sounds for the Superbooth


I am come with Julian from Sonic Potions - help him a little . You can see some new Modules , 303 Sequencer and De-Generator direct by Sonic potions .




Pic from Superbooth…


rolfdegen I saw Wave-1 andtubeohm made a quite nice demo for me.

It is a quite nice instrument with a lot of options :slight_smile: but now it is more than 4 years since we first heard it

When are we going to see the final version ? and when are we going to be able to order it ?



I think in August or October then everything is ready


I will ( WILL ) have it in august ready … but i think first a small batch with 25 units .
I must speed up Rolf a little . ( go Rolf goooooo ) The electronic is ready . Ok, the first Prototypes PCB’s have small bugs like some wrong labels for the caps . But this is fixed in the sales version.
Erika Synths will make a metal case for us We have made a connection on Superbooth.
I hope in August …


Hi friends…

At the time I clean the code from the DE-GENERATOR and make it smaller from 110KB to 99 KB. I put all string types now in an big array.

This weekend I lost in the bus a packet from Andre. In there were a lot of components for a third DE-GENERATOR. In there was also a new TFT-Display (ER-TFTM032-3) from china for the DE-GENERATOR. I wanted to test it this weekend. Now… I hope someone found it and brought to the fund office in my city.

PS: I do not give up the hope :wink:

Pics: new TFT


SD card slot on the display?


No… it not used. The sd card slot is on the cpu board.


Yeah, just wondered what it was for.


De-Generator changings .
Hi Guys , here are news from never ending De-Generator Story. We , Rolf and me realize that the Display we use is - bad . Simply bad but it will be more and more expensive . So i buy a new one from and this one works ’ FANTASTIC ’ very good quality , good contrast - not to compare with the old one !!!
This TFT makes fun .
Now the >> BUT !!!
Shit is that it is not pin kompatible with the old one . Means that we must make a new Pannel board PCB . The contoller is also not the same . Rolf writes a new driver . Not a big problem .
Than , the new display takes more current and i can’t split the current to digital and LED . All works simply with 3.3 Volt .
Yesterday i measure the temperatue of the LM 7805 with the normal heatsink we use - and in the closed case . 67 degree on 19 degree room temperature - much too hot .
Actual i take another heatsink , L-profile 20x20x60 mm. Now the temperature is 55 degree . on 21 degree room temperature !! think this is acceptable.
Oh man ey - but - we are now short before end . Stepper and ARP works , Sampling and sample-editor also . Filter is also OK.

This year is definitiv the year of the DE-GENERATOR release.

Wenn nicht noch irgend so eine Scheiße dazwischen kommt.

I know 4 years a a long time , but it was a realy great project and we are only 2 people .
Thanks for watching the thread .