Shruthi-Synthesizer and my "WAVE 1"


Oh yes , it was an up and down - but i for myself don’t like half ready projects.
So we will make it ready 100%.


Except for additional filter boards, will you be considering a more powerful CPU upgrade in the future?



>So we will make it ready 100%.

Enjoy the time without support queries :slight_smile: once it is released you’ll have those to deal with.


@Bjarne , hi , first we must get it ready . Than maybe we can use an ARM processor -
But this is future music . Rolf works on the software since 4 years , and the port to an ARM processor takes also a jear .
The actual CPU makes no problems - and is fast enough - we had build in a Loop editor and a sample editor .

This allows you to cut the sample and selt the loop points direct in the De-Generator.
Actual features are :
1:)two Oscillators- mixed mode 1 osc and one sampleplayer - or 2 Sampleplayer.
Max sample time is 20…24 sec . If you load 2 Samples - the memory is split automatic .
so you can have one 18 sec sample and a 2…4 sec sample .
2:)three LFO
3:)stereo filter
4:)effect - delay - you can mod it in the mod matrix .
5:) 2 ADSR
6:) mod matrix 12x
7:) stepp sequencer > direct record mode , or step by step mode
8:) read waves.WAV from the SD card - Total memory SD Card = 128 GB. This is enough for a few 1000 samples
9:) Display with 320x240 / 65000 colors .
10:)Ring mod , bit crusher , FM , supersaw … and much more …
11:) inbuild Mic - direct record for samples.
12:) than there is a posibillity to substitude easy the waveforms for the normal oscillators .
We call it User-Wave Bank . Edit your Waves direct in a wave editor and save it into the SD-Card .
Maybe we will do it also for the LFO waves …



Hi Andre,

I think your project looks awesome as it is. I was just interested in future “hacking” potential.

Best regards,


Hi Bjarne - contact me direct - i have also some questions to you .


Hi Andre,

It’s interesting that you believe I can answer any questions :slight_smile:

I sent you an email (my address is bjoeri at gmail dot com)



A little test with sequencer in DE-GENERATOR

Soundcloud DEMO8

Greetings from germany. Rolf


My Lab… The place where DE-GENERATOR was born :slight_smile:


You should create a dedicated Facebook page for your synth.


No Facebook please, maybe a blog


It’s already done… in english and german. Look here


TubeOhm presents the first impressions of the DE-GENERATOR

DE-GENERATOR on youtube


here the link .


Hallo again…

There are news again. The second filter board for the DE-GENERATOR is ready.
Its a stereophonic 4-pole Mision filter with the following characteristics:

* Lowpass 6dB
* Lowpass 12dB
* Lowpass 18dB
* Lowpass 24dB
* Bandpass 12dB
* Highpass 12dB
* Lowpass + Highpass 12dB

Pic1: SMR4 Filter from DE-GENERATOR
Pic2: Filter circuit
Pic3: Filter Video and link


A small report which I am still working on the DE-GENERATOR

  • Fixed errors in the encoder routine. Error caused software crashes in the oscillator menu.
  • Fixed errors when editing parameters in the oscillator menu.
  • Deletes notes in the Envelope menu. Global variables replaced by static variables in real-env routine.
  • Audio outputs in the SMR4 filter are reversed (left & right). Solution: DAC outputs exchanged in the software.
  • Errors in the editing of parameters in the modulation matrix are eliminated.
  • Modulation error when LFO modulates the VCA modulated. Cause: Incorrect increment values were calculated. Increment values are now output from a log. Table loaded
  • Noise (pink noise up to 20KHz) in the oscill works again
  • Change in the LFO menu: now 17 waveforms + S & H. The Sync and OneShot function can now be set in the LFO main menu.
  • LFO frequency adjustable from 0.015 Hz to 120 Hz.
  • VCA Pan & Fx Pan activated in modulation matrix.
  • Key Track function implemented in the OSC menu. Fixed note (A6 ~ 440Hz) can be changed with Range parameter in Halftones from +12 to -36.

Pic 1: Oscillator menu (little error in pic 1: Range is +24 bis -36)
Pic 2: New LFO menu

The oscillator menu has an additional function (see picture). It is a key track function. When the “Ktrack” function is switched on, the pitch of the
Oscillator as usual using the keyboard. If Ktrack is switched off, the oscillator can be fixed to a specific note A (~ 440 Hz). With the “Range” control, this value can be set in A range of +24 to -36 semitones.

Here is a small sound sample from DE-GENERATOR: Ktrack on music

Greeting Rolf Degen


I am working on …

I working on a new sequencer and arpeggiator function for the DEGENERATOR. The old sequencer
page looked nice, but had a bad division for the stepps and no arpeggiator function.
For this reason, I have redesigned the Sequencer page again. All functions are now on one page and the place of 16 steps are divided into two groups.

The “Mode” switch used sequencer ore Arpeggiator function. With “BPM” used the clock speed of
40- 240 bpm ore extern clock. With “Note” devided note from 1/1 to 1/48. “DIR” the direction Up | Down | Up-Down Down-Up| Play order | Rundom. The Sequencer page is not ready yet. Further parameters will follow.

Pic 1: New Sequencer Arpeggiator page
Pic 2: Old Sequencer page

Greetings from germany. Rolf



A small Arpeggio test with the Degenerator and Shruthi. Have fun listening…

Shruthi and DEGENERATOR in ARP Duett


A new Video from DEGENERATOR with Arpeggio function

Video: Arpeggio function


Rolf, Thanks for the update and demo of DEGENERATOR. Gorgeous!
Do you have any ETA for release yet?